The House

The house at 64 King Street West, Forest, Ontario was built in 1893 and is of Victorian style and architecture with a turret, stained glass windows, and large, comfortable rooms that feature original wood trim and floors. Furniture of the same era in the front parlour gives guests the feeling of stepping back in time. Renovations were done to enable our guests to experience Victorian charm with all the conveniences of today.

History of the House

The house was built in 1893 by William Lemon. He bought two lots and built a ten-room house in the Queen Anne style (1880-1910 period). The following year Lemon built a picket fence around both properties, making it one of the finest blocks of dwellings in Forest.

In 1903 Duncan Weir purchased the properties and two adjacent lots. An intricately patterned oak floor was inlaid by hand in the front entrance of the house.

At the time of Mr. Weir’s demise in 1930, a trust company who had been in charge of his estate carved the house up into apartments and rented them to a string of short-term tenants. By 1936 the house became quite rundown. Weir’s nephew took it over and poured thousands of dollars into it, fixing plaster, refinishing the floors, taking down partitions and restoring the house to its former glory. After his death, his son continued to update it by adding Persian rugs, ornate hand-carved furniture, and turning the servant oriented pantry into a convenient sunny kitchen while building a bathroom on the first floor.

In 1980, new owners continued the renovation by building a new double garage, a new bathroom and laundry room on the second floor, and replacing the floors and carpeting. In 1994 a gas fireplace was installed and the unique round bevelled glass window on the second floor was repaired. The house became once more one of the truly regal homes in Forest.

Source: Forest – Its Beginnings and More by Mona Huctwith, DanCam Press (Forest, Ontario)